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Recruit and screen candidates with VideoAsk

When you're actively recruiting for your team, you might find yourself short on time for thoroughly screening applicants before scheduling in-person interviews. With VideoAsk, you can use pre-recorded videos to ask candidates questions and they’ll be able to record their answers in response. Their responses will end up in your VideoAsk inbox where you can screen them asynchronously - saving you and your candidates time!

Add a recruitment videoask to your application process to screen candidates as they apply for a position. Once they’ve submitted their responses, you can view their answers and get a feel for how they’ll fit with your team.

Below is an example recruitment videoask. In this use case, a recruiter is screening applicants for a customer support role. The videoask is set to preview mode - so play around with it much as you like.

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In this guide, we've put together some tips on how to use VideoAsk in your recruitment flow. Feel free to jump directly to a section you’re interested in, or read the full article.

Build a recruitment videoask

If this is your first time creating a videoask, we recommend taking a look at our guide on how to create your first videoask.

To get an idea of the videoask structure, here’s what it looks like in the builder:


We’ve used conditional logic to take candidates down different paths depending on their answer to our qualification question (how many years of experience they have).

Below are some of the other features we’ve used to build this videoask. Click on a feature to learn more and how to use it in your flow:

Note: Some of these features are only available on paid plans.

Share your videoask

After you’ve built your videoask and tested it in preview mode, decide how you’d like to share your videoask with candidates.

You can choose from sharing a link, sending it in an email, posting it on social media, or embedding it on a website. You can also offer a QR code for candidates to scan.

View and organize candidate responses

Once your candidates' answers start rolling in, you can view their responses in your videoask inbox.

Tag and filter conversations to keep candidates organized. For example, you could tag responses with the following - qualified, unqualified, requested interview, interview scheduled and future prospect. You’ll then be able to filter by the tags you create and easily locate the candidates you’re looking for.


Candidate management

If you’re using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage candidates, we offer integrations with Greenhouse and Lever. You can map questions from your videoask to job post questions and candidates’ responses will be sent to either Greenhouse or Lever. Transcriptions for video and audio responses will automatically be created in your ATS, along with any follow-up conversations.

Using a different ATS? Check out our integrations with Zapier or Make to connect VideoAsk to your favorite tool.

Reply back to candidates with VideoAsk

VideoAsk isn’t just a tool to collect responses from candidates: you can also follow up with them directly from your account with a video or audio message to keep conversations going and avoid candidate ghosting.

In our videoask example, we’ve replied back to a candidate we wanted to move forward to the next stage of our hiring process. We’ve included a Calendly link in the overlay text so the candidate can schedule an interview. The candidate can also reach back out if they have any questions before the interview.


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